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Supernatural Fandom Wank in a Nutshell


Fan #1: Supernatural’s a great show! It’s all about angst and monsters and I love watching it!
Fan #2: There aren’t enough women.
Fan #1: Well, I guess, but still, it’s a show that I enjoy-
Fan #2: I’m disgusted by a lack of representation.
Fan #1: Well, it’s not really about social justice, it’s more about killing evil, so-
Fan #2: Have you seen that ship I hate? I’m going to write fifty thousand anti-posts to it.
Fan #1: You could ignore-
Fan #2: AND THAT ACTOR. Ugh. Let me tell you why they’re a bad person.
Fan #1: That’s your opinion, but-
Fan #1: Whoa, I didn’t realise that you hated it. I’ll leave you alone, then.
Fan #2: What are you talking about? This is my favourite show!
Fan #1: …
Fan #2: …
Fan #1: …
Fan #2: What?

What’s wrong with being critical of the media that we consume?
I think it’s imperative that we as an audience analyze and criticize the things that we enjoy. I think it we should be able to discuss things that are or can be potentially problematic. 

Filed under like i love demon!dean demon!dean is my life (and i also love crowley so i am def feeling this season) but i think it was wrong to have dean touch the stripper because i think in MOST places you are not allowed to touch them and too many people think its okay to disrespect sexworkers so i think that action could have been not done???? i think if you have something that is REAL or a serious issue in movies/tv that is has to be done right and respectfully so i really hope that episode is done in a good way i hope that female character is not just there as a prop but actually has a story/persoity i hope she doesn't die or have to be saved unless she's bad then she can die

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one of the truly awful things about the misogyny we saw in that promo is the fact that the writers have said demon!dean is dean minus all the guilt

so it basically feels like they’re saying dean is a real womanizing predatory asshole (who would touch strippers without their…

I wouldn’t be so quick to defend or come up with possible excuses because this show honestly has a terrible track record with how it treats women.

and honestly, I highly doubt that dean touching a stripper without her consent is for crowley’s sake. and even if there was some subplot going on, dean could VERY EASILY get girls in a more respectful way. he doesn’t need to harass them to try and hook up with them. that small moment was horrifying to me.

and the thought that he’s doing all of this just to overcompensate because his sexuality is in flux is also horrifying. and probably 0% likely considering how many times we’ve been told that demon!dean just doesn’t give a fuck about anything, so if he wanted to hook up with a guy, he just would. also the writers are never ever gonna make dean a canon bisexual, we all need to accept that.

Not trying to defend or excuse.  Just REALLY REALLY hoping that the actual S10 episodes won’t be as awful as what the promo makes them out to be.  (Except the karaoke, that can stay :D)

And if they (and Dean) really do turn out to be that awful, then I’m kinda wondering if maybe the writers are deliberately trying to make the show jump the shark.

the writers are lately white men who have historically used women as objects, be it for sex, plot devices, man pain, etc. this isn’t jumping the shark. this isn’t new. this is just the same old misogyny playing out again, but the writers now just have the excuse the “dean is an evil demon!! so he’s being an asshole to women!!” it’s their greatest dream, they get to treat women like shit without any repercussions!!

Filed under 100% real talk this is shit we as a fandom need to actually have a sit sat and think about it is imperatie that we as an audience analyze the shit we consume